Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, October 15, 2017

The Treasurer

A touching new play by a terrific American playwright, Max Posner.  The Treasurer tells the tale of an elderly mother, Ida Armstrong (Deanna Dunagan) who is slowly losing her mind, spent most of her money now whose children, primarily her son (Peter Friedman) must pay for her.  They love her.  They were never a close family.  Now her son is tired of paying.  How far will his generosity go?  How much will she get away with in asking him to spend?  How much longer will she have the few marbles she has left.  Ms. Dunagan mesmerizes in her performance, as if she knows what it is like to be in such a state.

This is the story of family, of devotion, and of the limits of the aforementioned topics.  What do we owe our parents?  These questions and this play push the limits and test the boundaries of aging, money, and family.  A well written, thoughtful work meant to get you thinking and feeling.