Photo by Don Kellogg

Saturday, August 31, 2013


Pippn emerges fresh and refreshed after a long sleep.  Director, Diane Paulus, has breathed some new life into a mid-70's classic.  It's a modern mix of part Cirque du Soleil, part Spamalot, part Edwin Drood all with a Fosse flair!  Yet it still retains its original soul and message.

Patina Miller (Leading Player) is indeed outstanding in this dazzling role of the narrator of sorts.  Charlotte d'Amboise (Fastrada) surprises with her fantastic dance routine.  Andrea Martin (Berthe) all but steals the show in her rousing and high-flying "No Time at All" number in Act I.  Terrance Mann (Charles) and Eric Altemus (Lewis) provide much of the Spamalot like comedy with the timing and facial expressions of true pros.  Last but not least, Matthew James Thomas (Pippin) is cute, sexy, and adorable all rolled up in one.

The ensemble is composed of cirque-like acrobats which only adds to the magical aspect of the show.  They round out the scenes adding just the right amount of fantasy and excitement.

The stars in this 2013 Tony award winning show may come and go but the magic and the message will remain with you forever!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Nobody Loves You

Reality TV meets Broadway... sort of.  Itmar Moses jumps into the reality TV cesspool by penning a funny, yet predictable, rom-com now playing over at Second Stage.

Heath Calvert (Byron) deadpans every line and hits the target each time as the TV series host.  Leslie Kritzer (Nina) nails the over-the-top, sun glass-wearing producer.  Rory O'Malley plays, yet again, a delicious gay character, (Evan), who steals the show.  Leads Bryan Fenkhart (Jeff) and Aleque Reid (Jenny) give top notch performances.

Now, the show won't win any Pulitzer prizes or OBies, but it's perfect for a little guilty theatre pleasure for the summer.  Just like Big Brother, go see what's on the cameras over on West 43rd Street.  I just wish the camera man got credited in the playbill!