Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, May 2, 2006

Faith Healer

This is one tremendous peice of drama. Powerful, well written, brilliant storyline. Tremendous performances by all 3 stars - Ian McDiarmid, Cherry Jones, Ralph Finnes each turn in an extremely strong performance.

Never having seen or read this play before - I was mezmorized by the twist each character gave to the same story - - Who's truth is the real truth?

I must say that as powerful as the show was (Ralph Finnes was tremendous!) - I was a bit disappointed that the show was really 3 mini-monolouges - and none of the actors were ever on stage at the same time! With a smidge of regret - I also have to say the play dragged on a bit. Not that I would ever suggest changing anything, but perhaps shortening it up a bit (Ralph) might help even more.

But then again, who am I?