Photo by Don Kellogg

Saturday, November 4, 2006

The Little Dog Laughed

One last Taboo - who's gay in Hollywood - or at least - who's willing to admit it?! This smash hit off Broadway transfer seems to be right at home on Broadway. 

Written by Douglas Carter Beane, the show is a witty, biting commentary on one of the last taboos in Hollywood today.

Julie White steals the show as the overbearing, neurotic, power-broker agent, Diane, for the not yet out of the closet actor, Mitchell - played by Thom Everett Scott. Johnny Galecki plays his hot little rent-boy (plenty of shirt off scenes and one full frontal to verify this all around!) but with a twist - he and Mitchell fall for each other - So much so that Mitchell wants to come out of the closet! But how can he do so without hurting his Hollywood acting career?! Herein lies the dilemma.

Oh yeah - another twist - the rent-boy's girlfriend gets pregnant... (girlfriend? yes!)... But here's the catch - the agent must save the day! And does she ever with her non-stop energy and drive - not to mention her omni-present cell phone!

Done in little vignettes, the action could be a bit faster - but I think that will come as they grow into their new cast members... and new home at the Cort Theater.

OK - did I say enough good things about dreamy-boy Johnny to warrant a date?! (Somehow, I doubt it.).