Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Laurence Fishburne takes the life and accomplishments of Thurgood Marshall to the stage in this new one-man show at the Booth Theatre. Part history lesson, part biography, but mostly an entertaining performance by one of America's leading actors.

Fishburne takes you from Thurgood's childhood all the way to his retirement from the Supreme Court. I'll bet you didn't know he argued as the lawyer for the NAACP on the famous Brown vs Board of Education case? It's just one of his many accomplishments you'll be reminded of. He was deeply committed to equal rights throughout his entire life, fought his way all the way to the supreme court and kept on fighting once he was there.

The 100 minutes you will spend in the theater pales in comparison to the impact that this one man has had in so many of our lives.