Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I am the Wind

A theatre critic is sometimes biased, and this is one of those times.  Well, it is not too often that I get to see a play staring someone who I acted with in High School.  So when a press release crossed my desk and I saw that Louis Butelli (and Christopher Tierney) were stepping into the lead roles in an upcoming play, my heart skipped a beat!  Louis was always a talented kid, and as I grow older I have realized he is a superb talent to be reckoned with.

Jon Fosse is a European playwright, virtually unknown in the USA. His work, I am the Wind, is a thinking man's play.  The search for answers, the struggle with why, and the questions of life.  Louis and Mr. Tierney (it seems odd to refer to him as Mr. Butelli) were magnificently sad, thoughtful, inquisitive and powerful.  The play runs a mere 60 minutes and they both captivated me every single minute.

If you need an inexpensive and engrossing evening of off-Broadway theatre - run over to 59E59 Theatre and catch a performance of I am the Wind staring two very talented gents.