Photo by Don Kellogg

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Bathsheba Doran's new work, Kin, is an irresistibly poignant and modern snapshot of friends and family and what defines our close relationships.   As usual at Playwrights Horizons - well cast, well directed and well acted.

The story revolves around Sean (Patch Darragh) and Anna (Kristen Bush) and their ever-tightly-woven quilt of immediate family and friends - including Sean's mother, Linda (Suzanne Bertish), Anna's best friend, Helena (Laura Heisler) and her father, Adam (Cotter Smith).  The story unfolds over time in brief vignettes on an elegantly designed set that can best be described as a large white picture frame - capturing all the many and diverse moments of our lives.

The play is performed without intermission - an intelligent choice - as it allows the audience engross itself in the unfolding life story of the 9 characters.  Before you know it, the story rises to a crescendo on the cliffs in Ireland - (rain and mist included in the ticket price) - and ends with a touching Kodak moment in that big white picture frame.   Put this one on your must-see list.  But, no flash photos please.