Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, November 3, 2013

On the Record

It's like a walk down musical memory lane.  Four crooners peddling delicious melodies, tight harmonies, and a songbook packed with hits.  The affable Bill Daugherty, the incredibly adorable Paul Kropfl, the relaxed and smooth Amanda Savan and the indomitable and animated Deborah Tranelli amaze and delight in this pitch-perfect musical history lesson.

They start roughly in the 30's and walk us through the many great duos, trios, foursomes... and more - all the way up to the 70's covering a wide variety of styles and genres.   Not only do they remind you of some of the popular tunes and who sang them but they also sneak in a bit of history of music and the evolution of music technology and record labels in the process.

They sing them all - and you just want more.  They're animated, entertaining, personable, and delightful.  It's one of these toe-tapping, head bobbing kind of shows.  Don't miss this one - appearing periodically at The Triad (Stage 72).