Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, August 19, 2005


It's all about love - the joy and "rush" you get from that first true love and the whirl-wind events that inevitably follow.... Surprisingly musical in its delivery (for a romantic comedy) - especially the soft, tender voice of Gabriel (Christopher Sloan), who opens the show with a Cole Porter classic with romance and love in his heart... a tale which is revealed in the show as a flashback to the previous year of his life. A small homage to classic romance-tunes including: "I'll be seeing You", "Let's face the music and Dance", "Misty", "The way you look tonite". You also can't miss Ben Curtis ("the dell dude") who seems a bit type-cast as Christian (cute and dumb). Paul (Paul Whitmore, last seen in "The Normal Heart") plays the neurotic, insecure, over-opinionated, uber-gay grad student who falls in love - the subject matter of most of the play... Subtle political undertones, plenty of chuckles, a few cool tunes, one disco ball, and a dose of romance and reality ....

For a change of pace, pay the $30 bucks and spend a evening at the Actor's Playhouse in Greenwich Village and enjoy "Joy"