Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Ben Butley -- Meet Virginia Woolf. The mind games, the booze, the deep seated acrimony... sardonic wit, cut-to-the-bone sarcasm, bitter laughter, but most of all the internal hate, or shame, or desire?! Subtext. Keyword. It's all about what is said indirectly, or, "point-in-fact", not said at all. Is he gay? Or was it all just speaking figuratively. One thing for sure, he's happiest when others are broken down - or is he?

After the Odd Couple, I had mixed expectations about seeing Nathan Lane again... Worried it would be Bialistock and Bloom all over again (and again). Well, sir - not tonight. Nathan gave a top notch performance. Deep. Emotional. You left feeling sorry for Ben Butley. But oh, what a ride along the way. He just may have met his match with his latest conquest. Then again, can you really call it a conquest any longer.... Virginia - you just might have met your match!