Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Apple Tree

Kristin Chenoweth is certainly a (big) Broadway star. However, right now, she's a star without a big show (if that is possible). The Apple Tree is not so much a show, but rather a showcase. It certainly allows Kristen to demonstrate her versatility and her comedic talents (and there's lots!). She's a dream to listen to and our little girl has a pair of lungs for sure.

The Apple Tree is actually a series of 3 vignettes - all dealing with love, desire, fantasy, and the forbidden fruit (both literally and figuratively). The first is a version of the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden Of Eden. The second is the age old story of the choice and the equality of chance as told in the middle ages - a king, a princess, a warrior, forbidden love, and the ultimate choices they make (or do they?). The final scene is a fantasy dream sequence of an ordinary woman who becomes a star - Passionella - that takes place in the 1960's .

Brian d'Arcy James and Marc Kudisch pull through with solid supporting roles and the chorus boys are pretty darn cute.

The show is cute and fun, not great- but certainly worth seeing if you can get a discounted ticket. I think that Kristin will find that "role of a lifetime" pretty darn soon!