Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Sessions is a musical tour thru the current period in the life of Dr. Peterson - a therapist with your (not-so) average bundle of misfits for clients - and old bickering couple who just won't give up on their marriage, a struggling misfit rich kid who likes Bob Dylan, a battered cop's wife, a geek who has been in love with a girl he met over 15 years ago, a therapy addict, a millionaire who can't seem to by happiness and a woman with a past who tempts him.
It sounds a little contrived - and it was - but it's not $110 a ticket folks. As diverse were the patients, so was the range of emotions - from belly laughs to tears. My vote for stand-out vocal performance goes to Tricia Rapier (Mary). But at the same time I couldn't help but love antics of the the old married couple, (Mr. and Mrs. Murphy). Bertilla Baker and Jim Madden. The sets were clever too - transforming back and forth from from the stark exterior of an office waiting area to the modern warmth (and wealth) of a "Park Avenue" office with a view. Kudos to the designers.
I actually won the tickets for this show from my new favorite podcast - BroadwayBullet - so here's a shameless plug for Michael Gilboe and the great theater-happenings podcast he grinds out each week!