Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, January 13, 2008

She Likes Girls

This review is slightly out of the ordinary - as I don't think it's fair to review a workshop - - but just a few comments on this one that I saw recently at the Lark Play Development Center.

The play was written by by Chisa Hutchinson. It was inspired by the 2003 murder of a teenage lesbian at a bus stop in Newark, NJ. Performed in two acts, this final workshop was a poignant, touching and focused work. The actors were magnificant and their portrayal of the key characters was empathetic. I did not even feel that I was viewing a workshop. Kudos!

By way of background - a play goes thru readings and then workshops before it gets to a theater for "commerical" production. In these workshops, the author gets the opportunity to see how his or her words get transformed into dialogue by actors on a stage.