Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dead Man's Cell Phone

Sarah Ruhl (Erurydice, The Clean House) has penned an entertaining and quirky tale about an off-beat young gal who happens to cross paths with a man who dies in front of her at a cafe. His cell phone rings. She answers. She becomes attached to his cell phone and indirectly to his life and what it all really means. Things evolve from there.

Mary Louise Parker is a delight and at home in the role. Kathleen Chalfont embraces the equally off-beat mother of the dad man in stark contrast playing her with bold humor and power.

The tale, while entertaining, seems to skirt the border of unbelievable and absurd somewhere in act two when we ascend to heaven. Fortunately it doesn't go too far off the map, but also never quite makes it back on track either. Overall, very entertaining. Well worth the off-broadway price for a chance to see these two stars up close and personal.