Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Five self absorbed, mis-treated, overly egotistical, young, soul searching, shallow, moderately talented Gen Y'ers grace the stage at DR2 in ArtFuckers. The play, by Michael Domitrovich, gives us a glance into the Paris Hilton-like lifestyle. Daddy or Mommy was rich and famous, had money, and raised (or more likely failed to raise) a gaggle of directionless brats.

Ok, so that's the story - -let's not confuse the story with the actors because they certainly did a pretty decent job of playing the part. I mean how hard could it be to play someone maybe even a little like who you are - or maybe who you would like to be?!

Fueled by an overdose of every single lettered name street drug (and then some)- The ever-paranoid Owen (Will Janowitz) engages in various flashbacks and therapy scenes with his so-called friends - Bella, his fashion model girlfriend (Nicole LaLiberte), Max, his uber-gay fashion designer friend (Tuomas Hiltunen), Maggie, his uber-dominant phony publicist friend (Jessica Kaye), and Trevor, his wildly sexy and (unfortunately) straight DJ friend (Asher Grodman).

The actors get a B-Plus on execution. The story, more like a C-Minus. Too long. Plenty of room to reign this baby in under 2 hours. Seemed a bit over-told and over-dramatized. Don't get me wrong - I'd have taken any number of additional scenes where Asher Grodman (*sigh*)had his shirt and pants off, which frankly would have been right in line with the intended overall story - about irresponsible youth, brash, cocky, and bold kids in the (art) world today.