Photo by Don Kellogg

Saturday, November 8, 2008

An Ideal Husband

Oscar Wilde, as well as Kendall Rileigh and Melanie Moyer Williams, did not have brevity as one of their guiding principles.  But let's just blame it on Oscar.  Kendall and Melanie have intelligently transformed Mr. Wilde's 1895 comedy about politics, money, and scandal into a charming evening of shockingly relevant theatre without much effort.  It seems that the problems of 100 years ago are just about the same as they are today in this arena.

The show drags on a bit unnecessarily - i think the adaptation could have chopped a few lines here and there.  Brad Thomason and Lindy Flowers were standouts as the Senator and his devout and upstanding wife.  Alex C. Ferrill immersed himself in the pompous character of the wealthy Governor's son with aplomb.   Despite being dumped out on the street at the late hour of 11pm, it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening of adapted theatre at the Red Fern Theatre Company.