Photo by Don Kellogg

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's that Smell: The Music of Jacob Sterling

Although it's quite a farce, what a delightful, light, and tantalizing evening in the theatre it turns out to be.  Every now and again, one just needs to laugh - and that's just what David Pittu and Randy Redd have delivered.   

The show is run like a talk show of days gone by - ala Merv Griffin or Mike Douglas - with a slant towards the theatre.   It's a "must-see" cable access show called Composers and Lyricists of Tomorrow or C.L.O.T, for short - and it's hosted by Leonard Swagg (think Charles Nelson Riley!).  The main guest on this segment is a terminally up and coming artist with a tragically humorous life - Jacob Sterling.  

Leonard (Peter Bartlett) leads his guest, Jacob Sterling (David Pittu) through what could be called  a this is your life type interview - bouncing from one bad joke about the shows and music he has written to the next.  They top it all off with a tie-in to 9/11 - and it's hilarious, pure schlock, and never for one minutes lets you forget it either.    The show culminates in a new musical that Jacob Sterling has written by performing a montage of songs from the show using 3 of his young students  Paisley (Chandra Lee Schwarz), Eisenhower (Max Kumangai), and the uber-adorable, Jerod (Matt Schock).  

Everyone needs to laugh a little.  This show fills that bill and then some.  David Pittu has a knack for mastering his over-the-top characters.  This time is no different.  Saunter on over to the New World Stages and take in a performance of this gem.