Photo by Don Kellogg

Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking for Billy Haines

This play, another in what appears to be an extensive offerings of gay story-lines in the 2010 season, is not one of the better offerings.  While the cast was mostly cute and the tap dancing top notch (and surprising), the storyline was a bit contrived (some might say silly) and the choice of Jason Gaffney as the lead (Jamie Hollis) is odd.  While he's adorable and clearly a talented tap dancer - acting does not seem his forte.  Joseph Cullinane (Billy Haines) on the other hand proved himself to be Fred-Astaire-like and extremely graceful.

Truth be told, i left at intermission (as did several others).  Act I was simply too long, listening to the meek and childlike voice of Billy tell his story just bored me.  Were it not for some of the supporting cast and the incredible tap dancing, I'm not sure I would have lasted as long.   I'm sure everyone in this cast deserves a some applause, but the collection of talents seemed mis-aligned with the story.