Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, July 2, 2010

Everyday Rapture

A rare revisit of a show on my part - not by total choice, i might add.  This show had a fairly decent run at Second Stage Theatre last spring during which I paid it a visit.  Due to an "opening" in the Roundabout schedule and a stroke of fairly decent luck the show was granted a run on Broadway.

The story is mostly unchanged from the original - Small town girl with an overly-religious (flavor of the month = Mennonite) upbringing and generally racist/intolerant family wants to be a Broadway star.  Broadway here she comes... Broadway here she is!  Trouble is, the show is not really designed for a large Broadway stage, nor is the story very engaging.  It's basically still  a one woman show with a keyboard, guitar and drum set.  To fill the American Airlines Theatre they turned up the mics and put up lots of colored lights and background set filler.  Eamon Foley (broadwayislove2009@earthlink.net) is still a show stealing cutie.

I doubt this show would have made it to Broadway were it not for Megan Mullally's temper tantrum and subsequent abrupt departure from Lips Together Teeth Apart.  I thought the show was marginally entertaining off-Broadway, but for a repeat run - stay home and plan a trip to the beach this summer instead.