Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, October 7, 2010


When John Doyle directs, we've come to expect a stage that is sparse and a play that is packed with emotion and energy.   Wings is no exception either.  It's Jan Maxwell on full throttle - and what a tour de force she packs in those 75 precious minutes.

You learn, virtually immediately, that something is wrong.  Emily Stilson has had a stroke.  The next 74 minutes take you on an audio-visual tour  - from inside her mind - the point of view of the stroke victim - her loss and confusion, her frustration and inability to put the right words together at the right time - all the while knowing inside what she wants to say.  Her slow climb back is emotional and inspiring.

Some will complain about the lack of sets (not me).  Some will complain it was too short (not me either).  The lighting, sound, and video effects were just enough to take you beyond the stage on a journey of the mind  - the mind of Emily Stilton - a 1920's stunt airplane wingwalker where adventure and courage can't be beaten down.