Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Three Pianos

Part concert, part history lesson, part poetry, part performance art. Three Pianos is a casual, contemporary, quirky, and off-beat evening in the theatre - and I'm pretty sure you'll walk out knowing just a little bit more about Franz Shubert than you did before you walked in.

Three friends and artists slip in and out between the life and times of Franz Shubert and the present. We are essentially learning about Mr. Shubert and his contemporaries, the history of music, all wrapped in a chaotic and alcoholic haze start to finish translation and analysis of the 24 pieces within the complete work, Winterreise. We learn what the lyrics mean, why he may have written them, and are given glimpses in to the life and times of the artist as well as the contemporary characters. Written, arranged, and performed by Rick Burkhardt, Alec Duffy, and Dave Malloy, this show is sure to delight. As they are having fun on stage, it's sure to rub off on you.

The three friends who are gathered on stage are not quite acting - I would categorize it more as performing. I wouldn't say they were actors, nor were they singers and at least one of them played a bit less on the piano than the other two. It's more casual, fun and fantasy on stage. It certainly helps that the audience gets to imbibe while listening in. Yes - they serve wine. Not just a glass, but bottles flow up and down the aisles! While that may seem antithetical to watching theatre, it certainly pairs up nicely with the atmosphere created here.

Recently extended - but only until January 16th - -so don your scarf and cap and head over to East 4th street to join the wintertime fun!