Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, July 1, 2011

Voca People

Spaceship crashes on Earth.  Voca People emerge.  They need Ener-gia to power up to get back home.  Moo-see-ca is Ener-gia.  Get it?

Lior Kalfo and Shai Fishman, creators of Voca People,  figured it out.  Crisp, vibrant, simple, and bright colored lights against a black backdrop; Pure white costumes (think blue man group minus the blue) and a musical schtick that's cute and cuddly to accompany some of the best sounds that a human voice can muster doing a cappella renditions of some of our all time favorites over the ages can bring the house down every single night.

Voca People have seemingly been everywhere in the world.  Why they landed at the Westside Theatre is somewhat of a mystery.  But a mystery that will hopefully be spread by word of mouth and before you know it these 10 aliens will be playing Radio City!

The music is all generated by the human voice.  No instruments.  Lots of reverb and adorable alien jibber jabber.   Their act is filled with love and fun but comes with a warning - audience participation - touching, extracting musical genres from audience members' their brains, performing in the aisles,.  The result - toe-tapping, head-bobbing entertainment to the sheer delight of everyone in the audience for just shy of two hours with no intermission.

If Moo-see-ca is indeed Ener-gia - this adorable bunch has got a long term lock on the supply.  Get your fill today.