Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, January 15, 2012


What a delightful and entertaining way to start off the new year  - and it wasn't a big budget Broadway musical with 17 stars flying around the theatre!  LEO, the brain-child of Tobias Wegner, a Belgian trained acrobat and award winning performance artist, is a simple, mesmerizing, physical, trick-of-the-eye performance-art, music, and dance work that literally defies gravity and pleases the eyes.

LEO is the unusual story of an ordinary man who finds himself in a world where gravity is literally turned on it's side. With his trusty suitcase of surprises, LEO embarks on this creative journey - all without the spoken word - in a nondescript room of red and blue and a single light bulb.   His journey involves dance, original on-stage drawing, acrobatics, and music.  Even with a complex description of how the show is technically presented - you'd never appreciate the artistry so I won't even attempt it.  Let's just say that it has to be seen - with both eyes - to be thoroughly enjoyed!

Mr. Wegner is a true performer - beyond limber - and quite handsome in his boyish approach to the role.  As many in the audience did, you'll find yourself slowing giggling as the performance progresses, smiling at the wide variety of musical accompaniment - from Frank Sinatra and Ravi Shankar to The Grits and Slayer to Tchaikovsky and Beethoven, and thunderously applauding at the end of the journey - happy for LEO and proud, envious, and satisfied that you took in a brief hour of Mr. Wegner's talents - with both eyes!