Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Accomplice: New York

Creators Tom Salamon and Betsy Salamon-Sufott are going strong after many seasons - sending their agents (that's you, the audience) out on the street to deliver tickets to a network of "associates" (that's them, the actors) who may or may not be connected with some nefarious activities.

Accomplice: New York takes its audience on a downtown walking tour with added dashes of a scavenger hunt, a mystery to solve, maps to read, and a mission to accomplish.  Along the way the groups (no more than 10) encounter several shadowy figures that they are intended to interact with.  To describe more would be to blow their cover - so I'll just leave it at that.

Will a tried and true New Yorker enjoy this roving performance?   The answer is,  It Depends.  You need to be in the mood to walk around lower Manhattan with a group of strangers and it might help if you were actually interested in solving the mystery along with a group.   It also depends on who those other 9 people are.  Get a group of duds, you're probably sunk.  Get a group of fun tourists or even some energetic and enthusiastic New Yorkers and the possibilities are endless.   It certainly helps, no matter who you are, if you can read a map and follow directions and enjoy a walking tour in a neighborhood you've probably never walked thru like this before.

If you decide this adventure is for you - I think you'll enjoy.  The actors, albeit spread out a little too thin for my taste, were all entertaining and funny - true improvisational / street actors.  I won't spoil the plot or the individual characters you may encounter - but I will mention the fine players - Joe Luongo, Billy Beyrer, Brendan Irving, Seth Moore, Jeremy Banks, Laura Gilreath, and John Cannatella.  Along the trek, you encounter them one by one as a character you are searching for.   Among the stand-out performances (accents included) are those of Joe Luongo and Brendan Irving.  (Brendan, where are those modeling shots you mention in the playbill?).

If you choose to take on this challenge - it will all start with a mysterious voicemail message a day beforehand informing you where you should meet your contact.   Don your walking shoes and get ready to enjoy an afternoon of intrigue and mystery!