Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, March 22, 2013


A delicious romp way downtown on the east side at the Richmond Shepard Theatre (huh?  where?) - yes the former Vineyard theatre space, i presume - on East 26th almost in the river!

Let's all be clear - Broadway-bound this show is not.  A delightful, naughty, and entertaining tuner, indeed it is.  Composer Andrew Sargent (a whole lotta delicious item all by himself off-stage) and the amazingly vivacious David Leddick (book, lyrics, and MC/star of the show) take full charge of the melodies along with a charming, if slightly campy (how could it not be?!) plot.

Of course all the boys are cute.  Duh.  But there's cleverly something for everyone - hot twink (Peter Krug), ripped and hung (Randall Holloway), sexy hairy Latino (Mario Castro), Israeli stud (Michael Argento), and the stand-out performer who stole the entire show - fuzzy, beefy shaved headed daddy with a flawless, classically trained operatic voice (Andrew Ryan Rix).  

Playing for just this week - grab a ticket.  grab a cab. and grab some ass down on the east side.  This one won't last here long.  But I'm sure we'll see it in pTown or some other fun gay summer spot!