Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


For 80 minutes on a Broadway stage, Roland (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Marianne (Ruth Wilson) manage to thoroughly engage you in a pastiche of possibilities, multiple dimensions of the universe, unlimited possible outcomes, and a world of possibilities that just may exist all at the same time.

Although a bit brief for the Broadway stage, the theatricality of the interactions and such well rehearsed and brilliantly executed vignettes captivate your imagination and keep the gears of your mind churning from the very first to the very last minute.

On a good day, theater is supposed to make you think and challenge your beliefs.  This play by the brilliant Nick Payne, first presented in London in 2012, succeeds wildly on both fronts  - and you may just leave the theater believing that there is still some wonder left out there in the universe. Blinking lights and white balloons included in the price of admission!