Photo by Don Kellogg

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun Home

 When you don't know anything about a show going into it,  this can make the theatrical experience simply magical.  Frankly everyone should go into this show with only the knowledge that it is both heartbreaking yet wonderfully powerful and uplifting story.  That's all I'm gonna say.  I'm not even going to tell you what the name of the show means.  You'll have to find out for yourself.

Michael Cerveris (Bruce) and Judy Kuhn (Helen) may have their names above the title, but the true heart and soul of this show are the endearing and captivating three Allisons - Beth Malone (current Allison), Emily Skeggs (middle Allison) and Sydney Lucas (little Allison).

Lisa Kron adapted a graphic novel by Allison Bechdel perhaps perfectly.  I wasn't so pleased with her last work but this one appears to be a home run.  This new musical with music by the remarkable Jeanine Tesori debuted at the Public Theatre in 2013 and has now transferred to the Broadway to play in the round - a brilliant choice by director Sam Gold and the Producers.  Theater -in-the-round provides an intimacy this play needs and deserves.

Unique and smart scenic design (David Zinn) and brilliant lighting (Ben Stanton) are the sublime icing on this already delicious cake.

This is a story about memory.  It's a story told through the eyes of an adult looking back at her childhood through the fresh filter of her now adult-eyes.  At times you laugh but as the story unfolds you can feel the tears begin to well-up inside.  It's a story of our generation and of old ideas and ways of living but most importantly a story of love and triumph for a new generation.