Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, January 15, 2016

a Man and his Prostate

Over at the cozy stage at the Metropolitan Room, where we usually hear them crooning away into the night, this past weekend saw a giant of TV and Movies get back in the saddle and give a "test run" of a new one man show that seems tailor made for him.  The indomitable and known to be curmudgeonly Ed Asner dives into a role that only a man of his age can.

Written by but performed by Mr. Asner, is the tale of an older gentleman and his bodily functions or lack thereof in the pee department.   It's about the prostate, young man.  You don't know anything about it, but you will.  Trust me.

Although not disclosed except in the very fine print, this is presumably Mr. Weinberger's story, not Mr. Asner's.  But you sure as heck wouldn't know by listening to him weave his tale seated in a simple director's chair on a bare stage dressed in traditional Florida retiree garb.  After all these years, Mr. Asner still has it.  Nobody can tell a story like that big old bear, Ed.  Not much has changed since his days on Mary Tyler Moore.  He's a hard hearted yet totally lovable lunk.

With slides loaded in the deck to project at various points and his cane in hand to point out the finer details of an anatomy diagram (yes, this one isn't for the kids),  Mr. Asner takes you on a journey to Italy and back - less a few bladder stones, of course.

Lovable, Curmudgeonly, Cantankerous, Tender, and Honest - Mr. Asner has it all.  And you'll leave rooting for him and his penis too.