Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, November 19, 2010

You've Got Hate Mail

Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore wrote and star in this screwball comedy playing at The Triad involving sex, lies, and most importantly, laptops.  Mis-directed chat messages, emails, and fake identities run amok among Richard the cheating spouse (Billy Van Zandt), Stephanie the naive suburban housewife (Jane Milmore), Peg the eternally single friend (Barbara Bonilla), George the dirty minded boss (Glenn Jones), and Wanda an office bimbo (Fran Solgan).

Staged like a reading, the actors sit in a line in front of their laptops frantically sending messages, reading them aloud as fast as they can type them.  Despite the simple and repetitive nature of the staging, the show finds many moments of hilarity in the relationships the cyber world spawns and the freedom that faceless, often comical, communications it seems to encourage.   One of my favorite characters (and that is indeed a perfect word here) is George and his cyber abbreviation malapropisms.  He turns LMAO into "laughing my face off" and TTYL into "talk to you soon".   After you catch on that he didn't just screw up a line, you'll be salivating for the next.  Van Zandt and Milmore's production could use a few cuts and maybe one less "act", but in the end - if you're in the mood for a few cocktails and a bunch of computer based chuckles, google this one and book yourself a seat on line.