Photo by Don Kellogg

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Submission

Jeff Talbott's new work, The Submission, is a tinder-box of race and prejudice packed into about 100 power-packed, tension-filled minutes.  Walter Bobbie's keen directorial ear lights the match which burns the volatile fuel provided by Jonathan Groff (Danny), Will Rogers (Trevor), Eddie Kay Thomas (Pete), and Rutina Wesley (Emily).

While Mr. Groff may be the headliner and main character (and still, by the way, absolutely adorable) in the Talbott's tumultuous plot, all 4 actors handily contribute to the heat and tension on the stage equally.   Crisp, staccato dialogue, rapid and ascorbic banter, and quick and uncomplicated scene changes contribute to the evening's experience.  Having seen this one at the very beginning of it's preview period, I can say with certainty that it is an extremely all written play and well acted production that can only get even better with age.  Mr. Bobbie in conjunction with Tesley + Company (Casting) are to be applauded for this fine ensemble.  The selection of each actor for his and her respective part is superb - each embodying what i presume is exactly what Mr Talbott envisioned.

No spoilers here.  Just know it will be a provocative evening of theatre that you will most likely carry out of the theatre with you into the streets afterwards.