Photo by Don Kellogg

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Nothing like a great big group of talented, energetic and uber-adorable 20-somethings from Texas on a New York stage having the time of their collective lives to make you feel really old.  Kissless comes our way via Houston, Texas and is likely to garner top accolades at the NYMF this fall.

Part Glee, part West Side Story, part Ugly Betty, part Michael Jackson Thriller video - this teen-angst, coming of age musical enthusiastically took its first bow at the Theatre at St. Clement's on West 46th tonight.  Packed with an incredibly talented young talent, endowed with a peppy and decent, if not mostly predictable book given the subject matter, and jammed with a potpourri of pop/rock-opera-like power ballads and full-company numbers that are sure to bring a goose bump or two to your arm, this gem is sure to turn some heads and spark an after-NYMF life.

If anyone saw the show 13 make it's Broadway debut a few seasons ago  this tale, could possibly be considered the next installment in a hypothetical series - and while renaming this gem is unlike to actually happen, one might jokingly consider the possibility of calling it 18 just to line up the marketing concept and sell some seats.

The cast - far too large and talented (and did i mention young?) to highlight everyone here - brought an energy and enthusiasm that often times is lacking to the "home team" here in NYC.   Perhaps that feeling is just created by the festival atmosphere, perhaps a great, inspirational director, or perhaps, just maybe, it's just me turning into an old man - wishing i could do it all over again just like these kids.  I think it's the latter.