Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fetch Clay, Make Man

I sense a conspiracy here.  In a season that promises Rocky, The Musical, we seem to be getting a sister-preview in Fetch Clay, Make Man - the (abridged) story of Muhammad Ali.  God help us all.

Will Power's new play, previously performed at McCarter Theater Center in Princeton is certainly well acted.  Of course it is - with such leading actors such as Ray Fisher (Muhammad Ali), K. Todd Freeman (Stepin Fetchit), and Nikki M. James (Sonji).  There was also no need for microphones partially, i assume, due to the material and characters involved, and partially due to Des McAnuff's direction to scream just about every line of the play.

While, admittedly, I wasn't much interested in the material, I found the play provocative - it made me think and reflect on that time period - and to its credit, it was very well lit, uniquely staged, and extremely well acted (shouting aside).  Float like a butterfly down to New York Theatre Workshop on East 4th and get stung like a bee by this play today!