Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, September 22, 2013


This is the first of many more evenings to come.  Musical composer and performer extraordinaire - Bobby Cronin who is cute as a button - is hosting a bi-monthly (that's every two months folks) benefit concert with a handful of his fabulously diverse peers dubbed "Inspired".

Musical theatre composers and lyricists and the like get together for the evening and perform tunes that inspired them - and share one of their own creations too.

If all of that weren't good enough - it's a benefit concert - likely revolving around animals and animal rescue.

You may or may not have heard the names but you're sure to recognize their fine works.  It's not too often you get to hear the composers show you how they intended it to be heard and  the evening is sure to delight and amaze.

Check out Inspired at the Triad on W 72nd Street!  This inaugural evening featured such great talent as:

Brad Alexander
David Are
Carner & Gregor
Drew Fornarola
Michael Holland
Rob Rokicki
Georgia Stitt
Katie Thompson
Michael Patrick Walker