Photo by Don Kellogg

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Another self-absorbed, publicly financed purportedly cathartic psychotherapy session - live - and on stage for a limited run at the New York Theater Workshop where you can waste 80 minutes of your life suffering through someone else's perceived problems and maybe even tick off the last box of your theater subscription thinking about how this is not even close to theater so why did I even join this season?

Yes, you too can have the joy of listening to Dael Orlandersmith's abusive childhood and her generally unhappy adulthood mostly because of her mother.  What a shocker - someone's mother treated them badly and died they way she lived - bitter, mean, and un-loved.  Never heard that one before.  And of course, the production is written and performed by Ms. Orlandersmith.  Of course it was.  Who else would want to?

Do yourself a favor.  Don't encourage this type of performance art in paid theatrical subscriptions and stay away from this performance at NYTW.  Go watch paint dry.  It will be more fulfilling.