Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Way We Get By

Neil LaBute certainly has an ear for contemporary, young characters in real situations.  Mr. LaBute is no stranger to the off-Broadway stage and his late incarnation at Second Stage Theater is about to be a late-season off-Broadway hit.

Cast with two highly sought after young actors, Thomas Sadowski (Doug) and Amanda Seyfried (Beth), the story portrays two young individuals awkwardly and cautiously navigating the "morning after" throwing in a whopper of a twist.   The twist, at first seems dark, but is quickly explained away as what might be perceived as a rather typical problem for 2nd (or 3rd) marriages with kids.

Mr. Sadowski is about as handsome as they come. (swoon).  It seems that he is, as of late, is a pro at playing awkward, nervous, and smart  - and Doug in this story is no different.  Ms. Seyfried is young, bubbly, and equally awkward - all in a good way.  She seems to have mastered the tortured, beautiful, and lost young woman out in the world today.  Together these two ultimately rip up the stage and humorously dance around the issue at hand - a relationship.

I'll let you see for yourself how these two resolve their issues.  For now, just know that your attendance at this 80 minute-no intermission play will leave you smiling long after you leave the theater.