Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Invisible Thread

Just beginning its run at Second Stage Theatre for the kick off of the 2015-2016 season, Invisible Thread (f.k.a. Witness Uganda) is already blowing the roof off the joint.   Shepherded here from A.R.T at Harvard by a top notch creative team - Diane Paulus (Director) and Sergio Trujillo (Choreographer) - this power-packed show was penned by the power-couple Griffin Matthews and Matt Gould.  In fact, Mr. Matthews does double duty as the show's driven leading man too (Griffin).

The adorably sexy Corey Mach (Ryan) plays opposite Mr. Matthews as his devoted and supportive boyfriend and partner in life.  With an all-black cast the show's focus is the struggles of the kids they meet in Uganda, the Ugandan culture and community, and the struggle to continually support them.   Music and lyrics by Mr. Matthew's real partner in life, Mr. Gould, feature gospel-like numbers, ballads, and rousing, energetic and theatrically staged African dance numbers.  And the band, conducted by Mr. Gould - well - they are part of the reason for the aforementioned roof blow-off.  Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, and more percussion than you thought possible - all elevated above the stage in the former wings of the stage - which, of course, were eliminated to enlarge the performance space. Kudos Jonathan Deans (Sound), Justin Townsend (Lighting), and ESosa (Costumes).

One has to wonder if with such a high-caliber creative team behind this show that there is a desire to transfer a unique, emotional, and high energy musical to the Broadway.  I have mixed feelings about it and not sure it would work - - but it might just.  It has the unique factor.  Tugs on your heart strings, music, dance, colorful costumes.... blink and it fits right in.  A modern boy-loves-boy who needs to find his roots and reason for being who can't let go of what he found.

Get your tickets now as this one is going to be a hot seller into the holiday season.