Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, September 9, 2005

Dr. Sex

Yes, the subject matter of this email might dump it in your SPAM folder!! However, if by chance it makes it through - you'll be glad it did. Would you ever think of going to see the musical story of the life of Dr. Alfred Kinsey?? Well, with a bit of skepticism - I did.... Off-Broadway at the Peter Norton Space (42nd and 11th). This space (and many others off-broadway along 42nd Street are all brand spanking new!)

Not having seen the movie last year, I figured - what the heck - - and what a good decision that proved to be!! Talent extraordinaire!! Not often in an off broadway performance to you get a live "orchestra" (ok, maybe a 5 piece band, but still). Crisply choreographed, executed with aplomb, the story rolled along in a mere 2 hours and right from the beginning i was tapping my toes and bouncing my head. Now, this was truly a new, but old fashioned "broadway" musical... high kicks and dancing girls in every scene... (ok, Benjie Randall was still my favorite!). Much like a Cander & Ebb musical - it had more than it's share of rousing show tunes, tap dancing, a couple of angst ridden ballads all the while plenty swooshing and swooping all over the stage.

Speaking of the stage - it was a bit small (this is off-broadway, afterall) but every inch of it was used cleverly. It's in previews - so the lighting queues could have been more crisp, the curtain and scenery need to have a few tighter transitions, but that stuff is cosmetic - - the talent is there. Most of all - they look like they're having fun while doing it.

You know the general story - but "Dr. Sex" fills in the blanks in an entertaining and clever format. Before you know it "the book" is published and the curtain is falling. Remember - before Dr. Phil, before Dr. Ruth, before Dr. Scholls - - there was "Dr. Sex". Go see Alfred, Clara, Wally, and the rest of the Kinsey players before the Tony crowd gets wind of it. You won't be disappointed. Worth plenty more than the $30 ticket!