Photo by Don Kellogg

Monday, October 28, 2013

Murder for Two

Hysterical.  Absolutely delicious.  Non-stop, zany, top-notch talent and entertainment.  These and other similar tags have been associated with Joe Kinosian and Kellen Blair's new off-Broadway smash hit, Murder for Two, now holding a new run at New World Stages after a transfer from Second Stage Uptown.  It's non-stop action, non-stop laughter, and these fellas pull out all the stops in their attempts to solve the crime of the hour before it's too late.

Jeff Blumenkrantz and deliciously adorable Brett Ryback hold court for over 90 minutes as detective Marcus (Ryback) and The Suspects (Blumenkrantz).  Yes, you read that correctly - Mr. Blumenkrantz plays all the suspects - and he does it with mad-cap, crazy energy to the hilt!  He establishes each character with a voice or gestures or, in one case, a pair of big black eyeglasses.  These fellas really looked like they were having fun on stage too.  I caught a few ad-libs during which each tries to crack the other up!

It's part Clue, part musical, part homage to musical theatre, and part whodunit, with both actors adeptly playing the piano on stage with zeal throughout.  They even acknowledge the piano at the end (like an orchestra!). For the price of an off-Broadway ticket you'll be entertained hours after the show end, regaling your friends and family with the "remember when he did the..." kind of stories.

True talent.  Absolute entertainment. Pure Joy.