Photo by Don Kellogg

Saturday, October 5, 2013

First Date

This the tale of two reviews.  First Date was amusing.  First Date was cute.  First Date was everything a delightful, off-Broadway show for $40 a ticket should be.   Trouble is, it's on Broadway.  Tickets are up there at $100/ticket for a mere 90 minutes if you're not savvy enough to find a discount.  While it's cute, it's not all-that.  

Don't get me wrong, I giggled and even laughed out loud a few times, but the material seemed amateurish.  The music was upbeat, but not very memorable.  Tourist-formulaic come to mind.  Funny; Short enough to hold their attention; Hip enough to be cool.  The acting was OK, but it just seemed like a good off-Broadway show.  
Zachary Levy was adorable and dreamy.  Krista Rodriguez was her cold-hearted SMASH self.  These are the characters they played.  This is who they always seem to play.  Kristoffer Cusick (Reggie) stole the show with his Bailout Song - repeatedly.

I left with a smile wondering if it will last and if the tourists will keep rolling in.  Probably so.  That Zachary Levy is adorable.  No way he's really single.