Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Commons of Pensacola

I kind of expected more once I got the gist that this was a Bernie Madoff kind of story.  Wife who may or may not have known what her convicted criminal (we're to assume financial fraud that wiped out other families) husband did, daughters who are struggling with moral choices around coming to grips with their new-found family situation, media always at the gates of your life angling for a story... and the list goes on.

Sarah Jessica Parker (Becca), Blythe Danner (Judith), and the incredibly handsome Michael Stahl-David (Gabe) respectfully run through the choppy storyline yet I felt very little emotion and even a few holes in their logical story.

Did she know?  One will never really quite know but the assumption you are gently pushed toward is that of course she must have suspected, but never fully let that suspicion develop for fear of what she might lose.  One daughter takes the moral high ground.  The other tries harder to gain insight, twisted further by her position of being dirt broke and homeless and suddenly having access to something she just found out about.

Penned by the actress turned playwright, Amanda Peet, it was a quick drive through the issues, but very little more.  Like even the best Chinese food, it was delicious, but left me hungry and wanting something more an hour later.