Photo by Don Kellogg

Saturday, March 4, 2006

Bernarda Alba

The work of Federico Garcia Lorca - this dark tale of a stern mother and her 5 very dissimilar daughters is simply put - raw. The music varies from light hearted - to mostly dark and sad. Bernarda Alba - a hard, stern, and bitter woman attempts to keep her 5 daughters locked away from the "outside world" after her husband dies. This would be to keep them them pure and innocent. Just like all catholic school girls we know - you can only imagine how that isn't going to work. And boy, it surely doesn't.

The story is an alegory - I suppose to represent the political climate in Spain at the time - the King repressing the people and keeping the country "closed". The sets, music and costumes all fit the story and even the placement of the orchestra atop the stage in one straight line seemed to be part of painting the backdrop for the performance.

An interesting cast - lead by Felicia Rachad, failed to resemble a family. The daughters were too different, too dis-similar. While I like the music and the story - i just didn't feel the depth of the emotion that I think I should have when i left.

I did go for a drink afterwards - who wouldn't! This one is not for those looking for a laugh! Trust me - order a double at the bar ahead of time!