Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Entertaining Mr. Sloane

It seems that the season of plays at the Roundabout (and beyond!) are all about slightly crazy people. No exception here.

A crazy 41 year old woman who has a sick father and slightly closeted homo brother all seem to revolve around a young, mysterious stranger. Ok, the woman wants him to call her Mom - and at the same time to have sex with him (on both, she succeeds). The father knows the boy killed someone in his past. But he's old and feeble - so who could he tell? The boy would just kill him too. The brother (Alec Baldwin) is a dweeby, British aristocrat (with two cars) and all the same a closet case! There was much innuendo and double entendre in all the dialogue... Ok - so the young mysterious boy emerges with his shirt off (um, yes, he's gorgeous and built!) and you find yourself wishing you were on stage instead.

A bit too "British" for me - but all the while well acted and funny. I just have one question - where exactly was the crossover from Act II to Act III?