Photo by Don Kellogg

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Something off-beat and different. Mixed-Media of sorts. A little dialogue, song, and sprinkled with dance. It's a play, it's a musical, it's ballet?! Well, mostly a play. It's a show about nothing, and at the same time, something. Set in Toutle, Washington (the small town just outside Mt. St. Helens) the play takes place the day BEFORE the infamous erruption of the sleeping giant (May 17th 1980). Of course, you don't get to see an actual erruption (wouldn't that make a mess on stage!?). But you do get to see a "slice of life" play. You get to see a how circumstances around us really do influence our relationships, our desires, and our lives.

Part history lesson, part fantasy - the show entertained. Definately artistic, definately off-beat.

Here (the theater company) is a sort of "artist in residence program" of sorts. I don't pretend to remember all the details, but this show was a long time in the making to bring it to the public.

Visit HERE and you'll be supporting the ARTS, for sure!