Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Confessions of a Mormon Boy

Confessions of a Mormon Boy - (alternate title: "I Need Therapy but Can't Afford it because I Spent All My Money on a Hairpeice - so I Wrote a Show Instead). Steven Fales - what a character!

True - he does have that "Mormon smile". You know - that wholesome look, perfect teeth, high cheek bones, and high school jock body... Well - after about 15 minutes you realize it's all about him (who else would it be about, right?). What this play amounts to is another self-patronizing gab fest - "I had the perfect life on the outside but was messed up on the inside - - - my life spiraled out of control - - but I'm back on track now and I'm gonna be better than ever!!" - - - you know - - - just a different twist on Elaine Stritch, Liza Minnelli, or Judy Garland (at least it didn't end like Judy)!

Right in the playbill, you read that all of his story is true. A few names have been changed and perhaps a little "flair" has been added - but on par this thing is true. What was most disappointing was the whole religious thing. Growing up gay and Mormon - - Hello?! - oxymoron!! Somehow he clings to family and the church - even after he is ex-communicated, his father cuts him off and his wife divorces him (I don't think I could even make this up!). Even after the Mormon church tries to brainwash him (let's just say about 10 years worth) he still has a strong connection to it. He seems smart enough to recognize what has happened - but I for one am simply not a believer. What I see on-stage is one of those people who delights in drama and isn't happy unless he's got 3 problems and conflicts running concurrently. A true Queen!!

As you can see from the picture - he's pretty easy on the eyes (and changing his clothes on stage let's you know that attribute applies from head to toe). I just felt robbed in the end when he took off his hairpeice! Ok - it was one of those - "and I don't need this to be who I am" moments... but c'mon - while perhaps necessary to the drama of his whole life and his "recovery" - - It just made me feel like I was robbed.... He really is 36 years old and has a the body of a 26 year old. You believe every word of his rather successful stint as an escort - who wouldn't - he's gorgeous! - - But then all of a sudden he takes his hair off and the whole persona just crumbles - -

Honestly, without the hair I don't think I would have believed a word of the play! While talking on stage every night about your pathetic life might make you feel good - I think he might just need a bit more work one-on-one with a real shrink!!

Keep us out of it next time, Steven. I'd rather just admire your pictures in the back of HX.