Photo by Don Kellogg

Friday, February 10, 2006

Barefoot in the Park

Barefoot in the Park - Neil Simon's 1960's classic comedy - back on Broadway in 2006! Well even if the acting is top notch- the story is stale and dated. In this day and age - who hasn't lived on their own and/or lived with their spouse before they were "official". Hardly believable and barely plausible today. There were quite a few funny lines - and the physical comedy made you chuckle. I just couldn't get over the feeling that I was sitting in front of a big "Nick at Nite" stage watching a re-run. A few times i turned to look around the theater to see if Patty Duke was there with me.

Jill Clayburgh and Tony Roberts turned in stand-up performances. Patrick Wilson was crisp and Amanda Peet was ravishing in her Broadway Debut. It's a shame the ensemble cast didn't have some updated material to work with - this group could have brought the house down!! I'm not sure this one will be out there for very long... Despite all the talent on stage.