Photo by Don Kellogg

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Clean Alternatives

Although they didn't mention recycling or composting - (i could swear they advertised that!), this play was one thing for sure - preachy. You always have to be on guard when you see the playwright also staring in it! At least there's no doubting who Brian Dykstra voted for - (hint, it wasn't Bush). No doubting his convictions and beliefs - gotta give him credit for that.

Held in a very intimate black box theater (theater C at 59E59) the show hammered away at the current political administration, global warming, corporate and personl greed, apathy, and the evil dollar - - hammered, hammered, hammered... (get my point).

I actually didn't hate it, although at times he really did seem to be shoving too many facts down my throat. The play centered around a female, environmentally conscious, concerned citizen who takes money from the evil empire (the corporations) and

tries to use it against them by running for office and delivering her message in Slam Poerty style. Two evil and super intelligent lawyers (oh, they are the scum of the earth) really put the screws to her too!

The story could be shorter, but the message was well delivered. Humorous at times (Mark Boyett was supurb), preachy at others - it's certainly worth the small price for the 2+ hours.

Nobody said theater was all the same - it takes all types to make the world go 'round...