Photo by Don Kellogg

Thursday, February 2, 2006

Bridge and Tunnel

Sarah Jones has many people in her head and now they're on stage with her too. She magically transforms the Helen Hayes theater into the performance space for I.A.M.A.P.O.E.T.T.O.O (ok, i forget what the whole thing it stands for, but it was funny!).

Laced with social commentary and political undertones - the 90 minute show was a romp! One after another she transforms herself into one immigrant character after another each one with a story to tell.

From a Russian man, to a Chinese mother of a lesbian, to an elderly Jewish woman from Long Island, to a Vietnamese Slam-Poet, to the Hatian woman, to the Dominican school teacher to the wheelchar bound Mexican - the stories abound - one after another about the plight of the immigrant - yet in all cases she manages to display a ray of hope and light for each of them. She returns each time to the MC of the evening - a light-hearted Pakistani man with no easy life himself. She glides effortlessly from one character to antoher. If you close your eyes, all those people really were there!

Despite the laughter, you are continually reminded that the life of an immigrant to this country is tough. Discrimination is omni-present and the cycle never ends, no matter who is "next" to call this country home.

Kudos to Sarah and all her friends - each and every one of them are the even expanding fabric that makes this country great.