Photo by Don Kellogg

Monday, February 20, 2006

The Right Kind of People

Who are the right kind of people? Well according to Charles Grodin, they are the old-money, rich, white men and women on the Coop board of the buildings of upper 5th avenue.

The stinging social commentary played out on the Theater A stage at 59E59 Theaters. A cast of well groomed NYC socialites delivered the message that racism and discrimination is indeed alive and well in 2006. Wealth and priviledge may not promote it overtly, but behind closed doors, it's clearly the unspoken rather than the spoken that keeps it alive - Defending their kind.

The emsemble cast (with a favorite of mine - Doris Belack) did a remarkable job of using the space and lighting effects to deliver story via a series of short conversations and group interactions.

Not that I live on 5th Avenue - but this show has got to make anyone who saw it think twice about how they actually got past the Coop board to get into their building... According to Charles Groden - it's even possible to be too wealthy!

Grab this one while it lasts... well worth a trip off the couch in your Coop to go see it. I'm sure they'll let you back in the building when you return.